Why The Lakers Should Wait

      Ever since Anthony Davis made his trade request the Los Angeles Lakers have been the team that everyone thinks he will get traded to.  In order for that to happen the it seems as if the Lakers will have to hand over a good portion of their team. The main names that are being connected to this possible trade has been Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram.  If it takes giving up all that young talent in order to land Anthony Davis then I think the Lakers should pass on this trade and I will give you a few reasons why.

     Reason number one is youth, if the Lakers do indeed include Ball, Kuzma and Ingram, that’s three players that are under the age of 25 that have shown serious potential.  Brandon Ingram is averaging 17 points a game and has showed flashes of being the player everyone thought he would be especially in the absence of LeBron James. Kyle Kuzma took the league by storm last year and might have been the steal of last years draft.  Kuzma is averaging just under 19 points a game with just under 6 rebounds a game and has been the one who has had the most success so far playing along side of LeBron. Lonzo Ball has already improved on his numbers from last season and continues to show why he is one of the better all around guards in the league.  Lonzo is the Lakers best defender, his basketball IQ is one of the best among young guards in the league and he shows flashes of being to score when needed.

      Another reason the Lakers should not make this trade is they may be able to just wait until Anthony Davis hits free agency.  Now most people will say they already tried that with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but those situations where very different then this one.  In the case of Kawhi Leonard, there was no way that the Spurs were going to trade Leonard anywhere in the western conference let alone the Los Angeles Lakers and Leonard never came out and said himself that he wants to play for the Lakers.  The case of Paul George he made it kind of clear that he wanted to play for the Lakers and with that I believe the Lakers didn’t go all in on a trade for George and he didn’t like that so he decided to just stay in Oklahoma with the Thunder.  There is one major factor though that makes waiting on Anthony Davis much different, and that’s the connection to LeBron James. LeBron and Davis have the same agent which is the main reason people believe that the Lakers will end up with Davis.  The only thing standing in front of the Davis to the Lakers being a forsure thing is the Knicks, but if Davis wants the security of knowing that he will be going to a team that has a legit superstar and a legit chance at making a run for a championship then there is no way that he doesn’t choose the Lakers and that’s the one advantage that the Lakers hold.

      It would be best that the Lakers play the waiting game for Anthony Davis because that may be their only option.  Anthony Davis have put the New Orleans Pelicans in a rough spot. Everyone knows where he wants to play whether or not he says it himself the word is out there and because of that there will be a number of teams that won’t even put in a offer for him and that’s what the Lakers need to happen.  If the Lakers end up waiting on Davis they would have the opportunity to not only sign Anthony Davis but they would be setting themselves up for life after LeBron which no team that LeBron has been apart of have done. Magic Johnson said himself that he doesn’t want to end up like the Cleveland Cavaliers, meaning the team was left with nothing once LeBron left.  If Magic could just hold off on giving in to the pressure of getting a superstar next to LeBron right this second and trading away all of the young talent, he would ensure that this Laker team could make runs for years to come.


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