The Good And Bad Of LeBron In LA

      It seems as if Lebron James will be deciding between the Cleveland Cavaliers and as the start of free gets closer it looks like the Lakers will most likely be the choice for Lebron.  If the Lakers are able to land LeBron it will come with a lot of positives but it can also come with some negatives but this move will definitely shift some power in the western conference.

     The best thing the Lakers can hope for if they land LeBron is that he decides to change is game and by that I mean knowing that he will not have to do everything by himself.  The Lakers will definitely add more talent to pair with LeBron, they may even be able to add Kawhi Leonard via a trade. The Lakers also have a lot of young talent and if LeBron can come in and let those players continue to develop this could be a great thing for both parties.  Coming to the Lakers LeBron has a point guard in Lonzo Ball that is a true pass first type of guard and with the possibility of also have Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram the load would no longer have to settle on LeBron shoulders, he won’t have to play every minute of every game in the regular season therefore he could be well rested for the playoffs and yes the Lakers make the playoffs with LeBron on the team.

     The only way this doesn’t go well for the Lakers is if Lebron come in with the mentality of having to do everything himself.  This past season he was so ball dominant there was really no reason to have a point guard out there. If this happens this basically takes Lonzo out of the game for the Lakers because Lonzo isn’t the type of point guard you want off the ball all the time, it’s just not his game.  This won’t all be on LeBron though, the young Lakers core can’t fall into the trap of wanting LeBron to everything for them. They have to realize that he is there to compliment them as they are there to compliment him, if someone has a shot they need to take it and not try to force anything to Lebron.  The last thing the Lakers should want is this team basically turning into the Cavaliers because it won’t be good for the young talent they are trying to develop. There is no telling how long LeBron would actually stay in LA, so do you really want to pause the development of your young players for 2 or 3 years just to say you got LeBron?

    LeBron should be tired of doing everything himself and honestly I don’t think that would change if he was to stay in Cleveland only because when have they shown that they don’t want to sit there and watch him do it all.  All that would change in LA but LeBron himself has to also want that change. Only time will tell, until then I guess we have to just sit back and wait for the decision from “The King”.

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