NBA Free Agency 2019

Free agency for the NBA started off with a bang with a bunch of players on the move early, some teams made big impact signings, while some not so much. The biggest move to happen so far is Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant joining forces in Brooklyn. There had been talks early on that Kyrie and Kevin had discussed the possibility of playing together and it was just a matter of what team. The Knicks was said to be in the mix but after learning that DeAndre Jordan, who is also joining the Nets spoken with Durant and Irving and told them that the Knicks was not the place to be they chose to go to Brooklyn. The question now is how much of a contender are the Nets now and the answer is we are a full season away from seeing what this teams full potential is as we wait for Durant to recover from his Achilles injury that will keep him out all of next season. If Durant comes back and is close to himself before the injury, the Nets could be the team to beat in the East.

The next big free agency news would soon follow as many people wondered how the Golden State Warriors would respond to the loss of Kevin Durant, they did so by acquiring DeAngelo Russell via a sign and trade. No one has seen this move coming or even thought it could be an option, but the Warriors landed a 23 year old guard who is only getting better and can help lighten the load for Curry and Draymond as they wait for Klay Thompson who signed his supermax deal with the Warriors to return from injury. Many people question this move and wonder how it will work, I am one of the few that think it will, but I will do a separate piece going into much greater detail on why I think it works.

There is always at least one team during free agency that makes you scratch your head. That team so far is the New York Knicks, who has once again managed to miss on every big name free agent they were linked to. Durant and Irving was linked to the Knicks for a long time but instead they ended up with Julius Randle, Taj Gibson, Reggie Bullock, Bobby Portis, Elfred Payton and Wayne Ellington. This is not a knock on any of those players, but it’s a far ways away from the top tier talent they were looking to land. The worst thing about the Knicks situation is how they tried to spin not being able to Kevin Durant. The Knicks said that they never offered Durant a max deal, to make it seem as if that’s the reason he decided to go to Brooklyn instead. Sources are saying that the Knicks never got the chance to speak to Durant and that DeAndre Jordan told Durant that he shouldn’t want to play for a franchise like the Knicks.

Free agency as of now has been fun and exciting and there is only one big name left that everyone is waiting on and that’s Kawhi Leonard. Will it be the Raptors, Lakers or the Clippers? Only time will tell, just like only time will tell with all the moves that have happened so far. One thing we do know, this upcoming season of basketball is going to be something amazing.

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