Mock Draft by Tyler Duncan

  1. Cardinals – QB Kyler Murray

– with the hype of a new coach and new regime, it’s almost guaranteed they get their QB. Give Arizona something to be excited about, hopefully they can protect Kyler enough for him to show his potential.


  1. 49ers – DE/OLB Nick Bosa

– play it safe, draft 1 of the 2 best players in the draft in my opinion. Bosa or Quinnen. Bosa fits the team needs better in my opinion. The 49ers have been desperate for edge pressure since Aldon Smith.


  1. Jets – DT Quinnen Williams

– best player on the board at this time, you got your franchise quarterback last year, time to get your anchor on defense. Quinnen might be the best player in this draft and would probably go #1 depending on whose picking.


  1. Raiders – DT Ed Oliver

– this is only if the Raiders don’t make a trade or shock the world and draft Haskins, Lock, or Jones. Simply put, the Raiders need help on defense. Oliver could step right in and have an impact on a team that needs it. Could see Josh Allen being the pick here as well.


  1. Bucs – DE Josh Allen

– I don’t think the Bucs can go wrong at 5, whether it’s Josh Allen or Devin White. I personally think Allen is a better player, so I think you get the best available. Worthy of a Top 3 pick, I think he slides a little bit due to team needs above.


  1. Giants – QB Dwayne Haskins

– Eli Manning is on his last leg’s last leg. I feel the Giants prolonged Eli’s departure and their future QBs arrival. Assuming they don’t trade back with somebody like Washington, I think you draft Haskins and focus on building around him.


  1. Jags – WR DK Metcalf

– fresh off giving Nick Foles a contract, I think the Jags will buy into the combine hype surrounding Metcalf to get their new QB some help. The potential is there, but judging a player off of a combine is always hit or miss. A physical specimen doesn’t always turn into production.


  1. Lions – LB Brian Burns

– the Swiss Army knife of the draft, plug and play Burns anywhere and you will get results. Instincts, quickness, strength, it’s all there. The Lions ranked into the lower half of the Top 20 in defense in 2018, adding the versatility of Burns to their defense might bring them up to the top 10.


  1. Bills – OG Jonah Williams

– the Bills don’t need and don’t want Josh Allen carrying the ball 20 times a game. I think they beef up the offensive line to protect their investment.


  1. Broncos – LB Devin White

– why not? Maybe you get the next Von Miller. Judging from Elway’s evaluation of talent at the QB position, it would be much safer to just build your defense and go wherever Flacco takes you. Any defensive star coming from the SEC has potential at the next level, play it safe.


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