4 First Round Options For 49ers

With the NFL draft less than a week away it’s time to take a look at some possible options for the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers hold the number 2 pick in this years draft which puts them in a very good position to draft the player they really want or even the best player available. The best part of it all is the 49ers can’t really go wrong unless they make a total unnecessary pick at number 2, like wide receiver for example. While I don’t see the 49ers making a surprising pick here are the 4 options I believe the 49ers have with that number 2 pick.

Nick Bosa, Edge, OSU:

Ever since it was known the the 49ers would have a top 5 pick the hope for the fans would be for the team to land the best pass rusher coming out and with all signs pointing to the Arizona Cardinals taking QB it looks like 49ers fans might get their wish. Bosa in many eyes is the best player in this years draft and he fills a huge need for the 49ers which is a pass rusher off the edge. The 49ers really haven’t had a great edge rusher since Aldon Smith. During his 3 years at OSU Bosa totaled 17.5 sacks before sustaining an oblique injury and shutting down his season himself in his 3rd and final season at OSU. According to Bosa he is completely healed from the injury and from the looks of his workout at the combine he looks ready to come in and contribute day 1.

If Bosa does indeed fall to the 49ers, pairing him up with Dee Ford, who the 49ers acquired in a trade, could make for a very scary situation on the outside not to mention having DeForest Buckner in the middle could make this one of the best defensive lines in the league.

Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama:

Williams could very well be the top guy on the 49ers draft board and if so he has every right to be there. Williams is by far the best defensive tackle coming out and in many eyes the best player in this draft. At 6’3 300 lbs Williams moves very well and shows that he has the ability to be a 4 down player. If the 49ers where to select Williams it would be the the third time in five years that the 49ers have selected an interior defensive lineman but just the thought of possibly putting Williams next to DeForest Buckner could cause major matchup issues for opposing offensive coordinators who will have to come up with a way to stop the both of them.

Josh Allen, Edge/OLB, Kentucky

Allen would be a very interesting pick if the 49ers did go this direction because he’s so versatile. He can play both the edge and outside linebacker so the 49ers could put some crazy packages out there that could move Allen all over the field. Allen is probably the best pass rusher in this draft when it comes to just pure speed off the line. At 6’5 260 lbs he definitely uses his length to his advantage and with his ability to time the snap perfectly he could be the pass rusher the 49ers are looking for. Allen could’ve entered last year’s draft but decided to return for his senior season and it paid off big time for him. Allen put together a great senior season where he tallied 17 sacks and was named the SEC defensive player of the year. Strength, speed and versatility could make Allen the 49ers choice with that second pick.

Trade The Pick:

John Lynch has already put out there that if the 49ers get a offer that is too good to pass up, they are willing to move down towards the middle of the first round and that may not be a bad idea. Pass rushing is a obvious need for the 49ers but this draft is loaded with talented pass rushers like Brian Burns from Florida State, Clelin Ferrell from Clemson and Montez Sweat from Mississippi State. The 49ers could easily load up on some extra picks while still filling their need for a pass rusher.

It will be very interesting to see how the 49ers decide to work this draft. I really don’t see them messing it up and I think a lot of 49ers fans will be happy once it’s all said and done.

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