Lakers & LeBron Year 1

Lebron James first season as a Los Angels Laker has been nothing to remember and while the season started off well its going to end with James missing the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. At one point of the season the Lakers where the 4 seed on the Western Conference and everything was looking good, pretty much how people thought the Lakers would look with the addition of James. Then things started to go downhill once LeBron went down with the groin injury that kept him sidelined for 18 games. It was painfully obvious that the team didn’t do as well with him out and honesty the team never recovered from that.

LeBron had never led a team this young before. During his playoff runs he always had a good group of veterans around him and I knew coming to a team full of young players like this was going to be a challenge for LeBron and he admitted this during the season. LeBron made the biggest mistake he could’ve made whether he realized it or not, when he made the statement of wanting to play along side of Anthon Davis. That statement alone turned into a huge situation that I believe led to the true fall of the team. Even if LeBron doesn’t realize it, he is the most powerful player in the NBA and when he says things like that it causes reactions and that’s what the Lakers front office did and because of that it cause some trust issues between LeBron and the younger players on the team.

Going into year 2 LeBron is going to have to allow the younger players to play their game. LeBron is in a very unique position in my eyes because he is surrounded by a group a of young talent that can lighten the load for him if he allows them to. As much as people probably don’t want to admit it, father time is catching up with LeBron and it would be in his best interest to not have to go out every game and dominate the way he has in the past so that when the Lakers get to the playoffs he can go on a dominant run. This year was a big learning experience for both LeBron and the Lakers organization. Next season will be the season that it all comes together and LeBron will be right back in the playoffs making another run at the NBA Finals.

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