49ers Week 2

The San Francisco 49ers win their first game of the season beating the Detroit Lions 30-27. The game was a lot closer than it should have been as the 49ers allowed a 17 point lead to be cut to 3 in the 4th quarter as the Lions came close but the 49ers defense was able to close out the game. Even with this win the 49ers have things that have to improve in order to have the season that people think they will.

The offense for the 49ers was much better as the running game came alive, Matt Breida ran for 138 yards on 11 carries with a 66 yard touchdown run. Jimmy Garoppolo showed once again that with him and the play calling of Kyle Shanahan, this offense is going to be able to get the ball down field. Garoppolo finished the game going 18-26 for 206 yard and to touchdowns. The biggest stat offensively, no turnovers. Garoppolo did throw an interception that was called back due to a holding call on the defense. Even with the offense moving the ball well on both the ground and through the air some things have to be addressed. Garoppolo was sacked 6 times, 3 of which came in the red zone which forced the 49ers to kick field goals. The right side of the line is where most of the pressure came which should’ve been expected with a rookie right tackle and a right guard who isn’t 100% healthy. On top of giving up 6 sacks the offense once again had issues in the red zone and showing that they need help badly in this area. One can only wonder how long they will wait to address this issue of if they will at all.

The 49ers defense played alright in this game. They allowed Matthew Stafford to throw for 347 yards and 3 touchdowns and was only able to sack him twice. The pass rush continues to be an issue as the 49ers only hit Stafford 4 times. Fred Warner had another good game as he racked up another 10 tackles and I think it’s safe to say that he will continue to be that starting as the season goes on. The play of the defensive backs have to improve. Richard Sherman played well again as the Lions did not go to his side of the field much but there are still question marks around the youngs DB’s on the team. As they play more games indo believe they will get better but if the 49ers continue to have close games like this they cant afford to have mistakes that could cost them the game.

Even though it’s only the second week of the season the 49ers showed some improvement from the previous week. I see that continuing next week especially for the defense as the get Reuben Foster back from his two game suspension. Next week will be another huge test for the 49ers as they face off against the Kansa City Chiefs and their second year QB Patrick Mahomes who threw for 6 touchdowns in his week 2 performance and already has 10 on the year and trying to be the team that cools him off is going to be a tall order for this young defense.

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