Why Lakers Shouldn’t Go All In On Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Lakers is said to be the top choice for San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard who informed tho team that he would like to be traded. Leonard and the Spurs had a very interesting season this past year after Leonard was cleared of a quad injury by the Spurs medical team but decided to sit out to continue the rehab process after seeking an opinion another doctor. No one really knows how healthy Leonard is and that’s one reason the Lakers might want to wait before making a deal like this because you don’t know if your getting the Kawhi Leonard of old or not.

The main reason the Lakers shouldn’t go all in on trying to get Leonard right now is the amount of young talent they would have to part with. If it is true that Leonard wants to play for the Lakers as much as everyone says he does then the Lakers have the luxury of waiting until his contract is up next season and just add him to the young core that is already there and will only be better after this season. The Spurs now know how much Leonard wants to go to LA, they also know that LA would love to have Leonard. So the Spurs have all the leverage and they will try and get any and everything from the Lakers in order to make the deal happen.

The Lakers don’t have to go into panic mode just yet and try and land every big name that is going to be out there. With the play of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram and even Lonzo Ball showing flashes when he was healthy this team has no reason to go all in and dump a young core for a couple of superstar’s. All they have to do is surround these young players with the right veterans, similar to the way the Golden State Warriors have and they should be fine.

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