Why No Bonds?

      As the time gets closer to find out who will be in the 2018 Hall of Fame class for baseball the question of whether or not Barry Bonds should be inducted is being asked.  There is a very simple answer to that question, yes, so why isn’t one of the best players to ever play the game of baseball in the Hall of Fame yet?  When the people who vote for who gets in the Hall of Fame have their own agenda it makes for a flawed system.

     Barry Bonds is one of the best to ever do it and despite his connection with the steroids he should be in the Hall of Fame.  Before the allegations of steroids even came up Bonds was on his was to being a hall of fame caliber player.  When people make an argument for Bonds being in the Hall of Fame they immediately go to the homeruns, yes he has the most of any player with 762, he also holds the record for most in a season with 73 but Bonds had many other accolades that should have had him in the Hall of Fame the moment his name was put on that ballot.  7x MVP, 8x Gold Gloves, 12x Silver Slugger, 14x All-Star and 2 batting titles, with a list of accomplishments like that, not forgetting how good defensively Bonds was its not hard to see why people are upset that Bonds isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet.  There has to be a reason why these people who are selected to vote are not voting for Bonds.

     For those who do not know, baseball writers are the ones that get to vote on who makes it into the Hall of Fame and it is no secret that Bonds was not the favorite of many baseball writers.  He wouldn’t talk much and was just not nice when it came to the writers.  I think that more than the actual steroids is the reason Bonds isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet, this is a way that the writers can get back at him for not giving them what they want.  This is why I say the system is flawed because these writers don’t have to explain there vote, they don’t even have to reveal who they voted for so.  One way to fix  this issue is to make every voter reveal who they voted for and explain why they didn’t vote for the players that did not get in.  Doing this would force the voters to come up with a legit reason on why they didn’t vote for that player.  In Bonds case it would really show why these voters don’t think he should be in there because I think the steroid excuse is just them taking the easy way out.  If Bonds does not get in this time it will be very interesting to see what the reasoning will be this time around.

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