Big Baller League?

      Lavar Ball has announced that he is starting his own basketball league that will pay players that are coming outbid high school giving them another option other than going to play at a college.  Some people may look at this as no big deal or just another way for Lavar to keep his name in the news but something like this could really change the landscape of college basketball and I think people may be underestimating how successful this league could actually be.  

     Lavar said that his league will pay players to play and that is one thing we all know the NCAA is not doing and have no plans on doing in the near future and that reason there is the main reason why this league could eventually have major success.  What some people may not know is you only have to be removed from high school basketball for a year in order to be draft eligible, that’s why you see so many “one and dones” in college basketball.  You even get players like Brandon Jennings who decided to not go to college but instead go overseas, get paid to play and then entered the draft the next year where he was the number 10 pick, proving that if you are good enough you don’t have to go the college route in order to get drafted to the NBA.

     This league could be amazing because it not only offers another option to get to the NBA but it pays during the process.  Before people shoot this idea down, people need to realize that some of these players that are coming out of high school and have NBA potential are going to become the main providers for their families and may not be able to risk player college ball and getting hurt and seeing that big payday go away.  This league could help players learn how to manage their money before they get to the NBA and start getting those big checks.  This league should be looked at as a teaching tool and not just something that Lavar Ball is trying to make money off of because I believe it is more than that to him.

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