Is Machado Worth The Risk?

      After missing out on Giancarlo Stanton the San Francisco Giants have set their eyes on another player that could add some much needed power to the lineup.  The Baltimore Orioles are looking to trade star third baseman Manny Machado and the Giants have been one of many teams that have contacted the Orioles about acquiring Machado who would instantly be a power upgrade for the team that has lacked power for quite sometime now.  Machado hit 33 HR last season and over the course of his 5 year career he has 138 total HR, there is only one player ahead of Machado who is the age of 25 years or younger and that’s Bryce Harper so that shows what type of player he his and the fact that he plays 3B is a plus for the Giants.  To land Machado the Giants would have to give up a top prospect or two and Christian Arroyo has already been linked to the package the Giants have put together to get Machado.  Now while I’m all for the Giants adding a player like Machado because he is much needed on this roster but there is a huge risk making a move like this and my question will it be worth it in the end.

     Machado is a free agent after this year and he will most likely test the market unless he ends up with a team that can convince him to resign.  This is a huge risk that I believe the Giants are willing to take because they feel that they are only a few pieces away from returning to glory.  Best case scenario the Giants trade for Machado, he has a good season and the Giants make a nice playoff run.  The Giants have the money that could probably convince Machado to stay and if that happens then the risk would be very worth it.  Worst case scenario the Giants get Machado and the year doesn’t go as planned or he just decides that he doesn’t want to play there anymore and now you have traded away to top prospects for no reason.

     As good as Machado is if I were in the Giants position I don’t make a trade like this only because you’re hoping that the player wants to stay after the year is over.  I dont think its ever a good move to trade for what is essentially a rental player.  The Giants have already went through this when they traded their top pitcher at the time Zach Wheeler to the New York Mets for Carlos Beltran and that didn’t work out well at all.  While Machado is a very good player and could certainly help the Giants I just don’t know if the risk is worth it especially when your talking about giving up two top prospects for a player that can be here for one season.

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