The Quarterback Question

The San Francisco 49ers have announced that CJ Beathard will be the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.  After leading the 49ers to their first win in week 10 against the New York Giants Beathard definitely earned the right to continue to be the starter for right now and that may not be the worst thing for the 49ers right now because it gives Jimmy Garoppolo more time to get a better handle on the offense.  Knowing that Beathard is going to continue to be the starter at least for this week begs the question, should the 49ers even play Garoppolo at all this year?  The answer to that question is yes.

     The 49ers say they have their quarterback of the future in Garoppolo and if they truly believe that then they have to get him out on the field at some point this season but they should wait until he has a good grasp of the offense.  Another reason the 49ers should play Garoppolo this season is it could add value to that possible high draft pick they will have in the upcoming draft.  If Garoppolo goes out there and plays well there will be plenty of teams that need a quarterback calling and making offers for that high pick and in the past there has been some monster deals made and that could really benefit the 49ers in the future.

     If Bethard can continue to play the way he did against the New York Giants and if Garoppolo turns out to be the quarterback the 49ers thinks he is the 49ers will have a great quarterback battle on their hands and with the right pickups in free agency and the draft they might be back to their winning ways quicker than people expected.

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