The Future?


      After acquiring quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo a little over a week ago there are already reports that the San Francisco 49ers are looking to possibly trade before the 2018 draft.  Garoppolo has yet to take a snap for the 49ers but he was suited for the game against the Arizona Cardinal this past week.  Many feel Garoppolo can be the quarterback of the future for the 49ers, including coach Shanahan.

     So the question is could the 49ers really be looking to trade Garoppolo before or during the draft and what could they get for him?  Yes there is a real possibility the 49ers look to move Garoppolo if the price is right.  I doubt the 49ers ask for anything less than a 1st round pick only because they traded away a high second round pick to acquire Garoppolo.  Would it be the best move? No.  It would be best if the 49ers see what Garoppolo can do in Shanahan system.  Shanahan is known as an offensive genius though it hasn’t shown much this year but at times you can see flashes of it and that’s been with Brian Hoyer who played like complete trash while with the 49ers and CJ Beathard who is a rookie.

     Garoppolo has the potential to be the quarterback that turns this franchise around and for that reason there is no reason to trade away Garoppolo right now.

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