Dunk Heard Around The World


A few days ago Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Bell threw down a off the backboard dunk to himself against the Dallas Mavericks and it has caused such a stir in the basketball world.  Now at the time of the dunk the Warriors where up by 25, Bell got loose on a fast break after a steal, threw the ball off the glass and slammed it and got the foul.  At the end of the game Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle was obviously upset by the dunk and so where a few players on both teams.  Some players said there is an unwritten rule, that you don’t show up your opponent, now while I do believe that to be true in certain sports, basketball is not one of them.

Truth is the Mavericks should have been mad way before that dunk, just for the simple fact that they were getting blown out and wasn’t playing well.  The fact that this dunk has been talked about as much as it has, is ridiculous to me and it shows where the game is right now. The game of basketball right now is soft and the fact that so many people have an issue with this dunk is a prime example of that.  There are actual professional basketball players who feel like Jordan Bell was wrong for what he did.  My question is what are they mad at, is it the dunk?  Is it the fact that he scored being up by 25?  What is the real issue here?  If you play better then you wouldn’t run the risk of being embarrassed.  Even Steve Kerr head coach of the Warriors tried to apologize for the rookie Bell.  There is no reason to apologize, he was just playing the game of basketball and there was nothing wrong with what he did.  Let’s be honest, if Bell was on any other team in the league I don’t think it would have been an issue.  Going forward it will be interesting to see if players start holding back late in games that are out of reach or will they now go even harder because they know people will get mad.

3 thoughts on “Dunk Heard Around The World

  1. I think it is only because he is a rookie on a team that is so much better than any other team in the NBA. I guarantee it it were an established player, it would not be an issue.

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  2. In a professional game of any sort, acts of individualism are considered no no’s when a team is loosing big, I didn’t see any problem with the dunk, it is by the way just a basketball game! You’ll notice that the team or the person usually doing the crying are on the loosing team! Simple way to avoid getting your feelings hurt is to not get blown out!!!!


  3. In a professional basketball game folks consider that showing up your opponent. I agree that there was nothing wrong with what he did, it is just a basketball game! Consider this, the team or person doing the complaining is usually the team or person that is loosing!!! Winning cures all of that!!


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